Popular Mini Electric Concrete Mixer Machine For Laboratory

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Popular Mini Electric Concrete Mixer Machine For Laboratory

This equipment is new type experimental concrete mixer designed and manufactured according to the JG244-2009 standards of the main technical parameters promulgated by the ministry of housing construction.It can mix the gravel, sand, cement and water mixture stipulatedin thestandards to form homogeneous concrete material for testing use, for the determination of cement standard consistency, setting time and production cement stability test block;It is the indispensable equipment in cement production enterprises, construction enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research units and quality supervision departments laboratory;Can also be applied to other granular materials under 40 mm mixing use.

一、 Technical Parameters

1、 Mixing blade turning radius:204mm;

2、 Mixing blade rotate speed:outer 55±1r/min;

3、 Rated mixing capacity:(discharging)60L;

4、 Mixing motor voltage/power:380V/3000W;

5、 frequency:60HZ±0.5HZ;

6、 discharging motor voltage/power:380V/750W;

7、 Max particle size of mixing:40mm;

8、 Mixing capacity:Under the condition of normal use, within 60 seconds the fixed quantity of concrete mixture can be mixed into homogeneous concrete.

Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Mini Electric Concrete Mixer HJS-60

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