YH-40B 60B 90B Cement Concrete Standard Curing Cabinet For Laboratory

Cement Concrete Standard Curing Cabinet

Frame is made of strong polypropylene structure, which is chemical resistant and particularly suitable for cement applications and the front doors are fitted with glass. The humidity inside the cabinet is maintained from 95% to saturation by water nebulizer while the temperature is maintained to 20 ± 1°C by an immersion heater and separated refrigerator unit. The Water refrigeration unit is to be ordered separately.

The four stainless steel racks of the internal frame can support the moulds with specimens and a large number of cement prisms. It can also be used for concrete cubes and other mortar specimens. The unit can also be supplied with an air compressor (optional), located on top of the cabinet.

The temperature inside the cabinet is maintained constant via water kept at a controlled temperature which is atomized in the chamber. For water atomization an external source of compressed air is required. This water is taken from an internal tank with a capacity of approx. 70 l, within which is a heating resistance, and is fed by mains water which is cooled by an external refrigeration group. In its stable condition the internal temperature is 20 ± 1°C, and the atomization of the water keeps the humidity above 95%. There is no water consumption at this stage since the hydraulic circuit is closed. When it is necessary to cool the chamber the water circuit is opened and the mains water suitably cooled by the refrigeration group is fed into the tank. The chamber is heated via the heating resistance in the tank.

SBY-20C SBY-30C SBY-40C Drawer Type Cement Constant Temperature Water Curing Cabinet

Functions include heating, refrigeration, spray, temperature and humidity controlling.

Two-doors design ensures good heat retaining property.

Standard constant temperature and humidity curing chamber has models: YH-40B,YH-60B,YH-80B,YH-90B.

besides concrete&cement curing cabinet,there are other cabinets:New standard cement mortar curing chamber SYH-40E,

SYH-40Q standard mortar curing chamber(with Dehumidification function).

YH-40B Standard Constant Temperature and Humidity Curing Box

User Manual

Technical parameters

1.Work Voltage: 220V/50HZ

2.Internal dimensions: 700 x 550 x 1100 (mm)

3. Capacity: 40 sets of Soft practice test molds / 60 pieces 150 x 150×150 concrete test molds

4. Constant temperature range: 16-40% adjustable

5. Constant humidity range: ≥90%

6. Compressor power: 165W

7. Heater: 600W

8. Atomizer: 15W

9. Fan power: 16W

10.Net weight: 150kg

11.Dimensions: 1200 × 650 x 1550mm

Standard curing box for concrete test block

Use and operation

1. According to the instructions of the product, first place the curing chamber away from the heat source. Fill the small sensor water bottle in the chamber with clean water(pure water or distilled water), and put the cotton yarn on the probe into the water bottle.

There is a humidifier in the curing chamber on the left side of the chamber. Please fill the water tank with enough water((pure water or distilled water)),connect humidifier and chamber hole with pipe.

Plug the humidifier’s plug into the socket in the chamber. Open the humidifier switch to biggest.

2. Fill water into the bottom of the chamber with clean water((pure water or distilled water)). The water level must be more than 20mm above the heating ring to prevent dry burning.

3. After checking whether the wiring is reliable and the power supply voltage is normal, turn on the power. Enter the working state, and begin to measure, display and control the temperature and humidity. Don’t need to set any valves, all values(20℃,95%RH) are setted well in factory.

Setting of instrument parameters

(1) Data display and operation instructions on the front panel

1. Definition of operation panel:

"↻": [Setting Key]: Enter, switch and exit parameter setting state or viewing state;

"◀": [Left Move Key]: Move left to select the data bit to be operated, and the selected number flashes to prompt;

"▼": [Decrease key]: Used to decrease the value in the parameter setting state.

"▲": [Increase Key]: Used to increase the value in the parameter setting state;

2. LED display under measurement status: The upper row displays the real-time measurement value, and the lower row displays the set value. Humidity information is displayed on the left and temperature information is displayed on the right. The temperature data display format is: 3-digit data 00.0-99.9°C. Humidity data display format: 2-digit data 00-99%RH.

The description of the control parameters in the instrument is as follows

1. Temperature control process and parameter setting: Temperature control process. Example: If the temperature control value ST is set to 20°C, the upper limit relative value TH is set to 0.5°C, the lower limit relative value TL is set to 0.5°C, the upper return difference TU is set to 0.7°C, and the lower return difference Td is set It is 0.2°C. Then when the temperature in the box is ≤19.5℃, the heating relay will periodically pull in the heating equipment to start heating, and stop heating when the temperature rises to ≥19.7℃. If the temperature in the box continues to rise to ≥20.5°C, the refrigeration relay will pull in and begin to refrigerate. When the temperature drops to ≤19.8℃, stop refrigeration.

2. Humidity control process and parameter setting: Humidity control process. For example: if the relative humidity control value SH is set to 90%, the upper limit relative value HH is set to 2%, the lower limit relative value is set to HL%, and the hysteresis value HA is set to 1%. Then when the humidity in the box is ≤88%, the humidifier starts to humidify. When the humidity in the box is ≥89%, stop humidifying. If it continues to rise above 92%, start dehumidification, and stop dehumidification until ≤91%.

3. Setting of hysteresis value parameters: The hysteresis value setting is to prevent control oscillation when the current temperature and humidity value reaches the critical control value. If the hysteresis parameters are not set properly, it is easy to cause frequent actuator actions and shorten the service life of the equipment. Reasonable setting of the hysteresis value can stabilize the generated control oscillation within the allowable range, but at the same time it also reduces the control accuracy. It can be selected and set within a certain range according to actual needs. In order to prevent the error of the hysteresis setting from causing frequent control, there is a minimum hysteresis limit in the instrument, the temperature difference is not less than 0.1℃, and the humidity difference is not less than 1%.

4. Fault display and handling: During the control process, if any one of the dry and wet bulb sensors is disconnected, the humidity display area on the left side of the meter will display "–", and the humidity control output will be turned off. If only the dry bulb sensor is disconnected, the meter will turn off the temperature control output, and the humidity display area on the right will display "—"; after the sensor is repaired, it needs to be powered on again. When setting the upper and lower limit and hysteresis parameters, if the parameter setting is unreasonable, the meter will stop sampling and control output update, and the upper row will display blanking, and the lower row will prompt “EER” for errors until the parameters are modified correctly.

Laboratory cement ball mill 5kg capacity


1. When transporting the machine, please handle it with care, the inclination should not exceed 45°, and don’t put it upside down, so as not to affect the cooling compressor.

2. Please connect the ground wire of the power cord before turning on the machine to avoid leakage accidents.

3. Users should add pure water or distilled water into small sensor water bottle,humidifier’s water tank and bottom of the chamber to prevent bring water incrustation.

4. Frequently clean the spray transducer inside the humidifier to prevent burn out caused by water incrustation.

5. Check the water level of chamber bottom frequently, and it should be more than 20mm above the heating ring to prevent electric leakage from heating and drying.

6. Minimize the number and time of opening the door when in use, and it will work normally after 12 hours of power on.

7. The meter may crash due to unstable voltage or grid interference during use. If this happens, turn off the power supply and restart it.

Cement Specimens Water Curing Cabinet

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