SYZ-16 Programmable Steam Curing Tanks

This steam curing tank is designed for steam curing of accelerated strength cement. The inner is made of stainless steel. The controller is programmed.

This equipment is a new type of intelligent equipment designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements of “A.4.2 Steam Curing Box” of GB / T 34189-2017 “Portland cement used for pipe pile without high pressure steam”. The equipment has reasonable structure and simple operation. It has the procedures of “automatic door opening” and “automatic door closing”. It also has low water level alarm and ultra-low liquid level power-off function. It is ideal for “Portland cement used for pipe pile without high pressure steam” for steam curing device.

Steam automatic control program: start timing 4hours±15min to start heating, within 2hours constant temperature to 85℃±2℃, and at 85℃±2℃ temperature for 4hours to stop heating, open the cover cooling. Steam curing box has automatic opening function.

Curing box for pressure-free steamed pipe pile Portland cementcement steam curing box

Post time: May-25-2023