laboratory electric heating hot plate

Our factory is professional in the production of oven, incubator, clean benches, sterilizer, box-type resistance furnace, adjustable-purpose furnace, closed furnace, electric hot plate, thermostat water tanks, three-use water tanks, water bath, and electric distilled water machine.

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Our company produces precision electric heating plates and it is suitable heating equipment for laboratories of industry, agriculture, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, medical and health, and research institutes.


1. The electric heating plate is a bench-top structure, and the heating surface is made of a precision cast aluminum process, and the heating pipe is cast in its interior. No open flame heating, safe and reliable, high thermal efficiency.

2. It adopts high-precision liquid crystal instrument control, high precision, and can meet the needs of users with different heating temperatures.

Grainger carries a variety of laboratory hot plates to help you safely heat laboratory samples. Microprocessor-controlled instruments can deliver accurate and repeatable results. Choose from digital and nondigital heating plates with durable aluminum tops that will not crack or chip or chemical-resistant ceramic plates that can be easily cleaned. For simultaneous heating and stirring, try stirrer/hot plates with an integrated magnetic stirrer. Find them all at Grainger!

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Post time: May-25-2023