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SYM-500X500 cement test mill

The test mill has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, simple maintenance, reliable performance, good dustproof and soundproof effect, and automatic stop controlled by timer.Technical Parameters:1. Inner diameter and length of grinding cylinder: Ф500 x 500mm2.Roller speed: 48r / min3. Loading capacity of grinding body: 100kg4. One-time material input: 5kg5. The granularity of the grinding material: <7mm6. Grinding time: ~ 30min7. Motor power: 1.5KW8. Power supply voltage: 380V/50HZ


Weigh the clinker, gypsum or other materials to be ground.

Before entering the mill, the material is crushed, so that the particle size of the material is less than 7mm.

Remove the remaining materials in the mill, and then pour the crushed materials.

Close the grinding door tightly, tighten the compression nut, be careful not to make the grinding door skewed and leak, and then close the cover door.

Adjust the grinding time according to the grinding needs, and it cannot be adjusted during operation.

Start grinding.

If it is required to sample and inspect the fineness or specific surface area of the material during the grinding process, it needs to be stopped for 2~3min after the powder settles, and then open the grinding door for sampling. If the grinding door is not aligned with the housing door, you can use the jog switch Adjustment.

When the grinding reaches the specified time, the mill should stop automatically. After stopping, replace the grid orifice plate, and then start the mill to throw the material until it is clean. Wait for about 5 minutes to pull out the hopper and take out the ground material.

If there are special requirements for grinding materials, dry slag or sand should be put into the grinding cylinder for 5 minutes before grinding to clean the materials sticking to the steel balls.

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