HJS-60 Laboratory Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

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HJS-60 Laboratory Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Laboratory Concrete Mixer Mixing Machine

The Laboratory Concrete Mixer is used for preparing Mix Design of Concrete. The chamber of laboratory concrete mixer can be titled to any angle by controlling of the dischaging button. This facilitates mixing and discharge. Blades are provided inside the chamber to mix the material thoroughly.

HJS-60 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer

The product structure has been included in the national industry mandatory standard-<Concrete Test Mixer> (JG244-2009). The product performance meets and exceeds the standard requirements. Due to the scientific and reasonable design, strict quality control and its unique structure, the double-shaft mixer has the characteristics of high mixing efficiency, more uniform mixture and cleaner discharge. This product is suitable for machine building materials or concrete laboratories such as scientific research institutes, mixing stations, and testing units.

Technical Parameters1. Construction type: double horizontal shafts2. Ouput capacity: 60L,feeding capacity:90L3. Power of mixing motor: 3.0KW4. Power of tipping and unloading motor: 0.75KW5. Stirring material: 16Mn steel6. Leaf mixing material: 16Mn steel7. Distance between blades and chamber wall: 1mm

8.Maximum particle size of material: ≤40mm

9. Chamber thickness: 10mm10. Blade thickness: 12mm11.Dimensions: 1100 x 900 x 1050mm12.Weight: about 700kg

13.Mixing capacity:Under the condition of normal use, within 60 seconds the concrete mixture can be mixed into homogeneous concrete.

14.Timer: with timer function,factory value is 60s, After mixing 60s, the machine can automaticly stop.

Structure and principle

Mixer is double shaft type, mixing chamber main body is double cylinders combination.To achieve satisfactory result of mixing, mixing blade is designed to be falciform, and with scrapers on both end sides blades.Each stirring shaft installed 6 mixing blades, 120 ° Angle spiral uniform distribution, and the stirring shaft Angle of 50 ° installation. Blades are overlapping sequence on the two stirring shafts, reverse outward mixing, can make the material to clockwise circulate at the same time of forced mixing, achieve the goal of mixing well.The installation of the mixing blade adopts the method of thread locking and welding fixed installation, guarantee tightness of blade, and also can be replaced after the wear and tear.Unloading is with 180 ° tilting discharge.Operation adopts the combination design of manual open and limit control.mixing time can be set in a limited time.

Mixer is mainly composed of retarding mechanism, mixing chamber, worm gear pair, gear, sprocket, chain and bracket, etc.Through the chain transmission, the machine mixing pattern for motor drive axle shaft cone drive, cone by gear and chain wheel drives the stirring shaft rotation, mixing materials.Unloading transmission form for motor through a belt drive reducer, reducer by chain drive stirring the rotate, flip and reset,unload the material.

The machine adopts three axis transmission design, the main transmission shaft is in the middle of the position of the mixing chamber both sides plates, so that increases the stability of the machine when working;Turn 180 ° when discharging, the drive shaft force is small, and occupied area is small.All the parts after precision machining, interchangeable and general, easy disassembly, repair and replacement blades for vulnerable parts.The driving is fast, reliable performance, durable.

lab concrete mixer double shaft paddle mixer

Check before use

1.Place the machine to a reasonable position,lock the universal wheels on the equipment, adjust the equipment anchor bolt, so that it is fully contacted with the ground.

2.In accordance with the procedures “Six.operation and use” no-load check machine, must be running normally.The connection parts no loose phenomenon.

3.Confirm the mixing shaft rotates outward.If wrong, please change the phase wires, to ensure that the mixing shaft rotate outward.

Operation and use

1.Connect the power plug to the power socket.

2.Switch on ” air switch ” , the phase sequence testing works. If the phase sequence errors ,’ phase sequence error alarm’ will alarm and lamp flashing. At this time should cut input power and adjust the two fire wires of the input the power.(note: cann’t adjust the phase sequence in the equipment controller) if “phase sequence error alarm” don’t alarm that phase sequence is correct, can be normal use.

3.Check whether the ‘emergency stop’button is open, please reset it if open (rotate according to the direction indicated by the arrow).

4.Put the Material to the mixing chamber, cover the upper cover.

5.Set mixing time (factory default is one minute).

6.Press the button “mixing”, mixing motor begins to work,reach to the setting time (factory default is one minute), machine stop working, finish mixing.If you want to stop in the process of mixing, can press the “stop” button.

7.Take off the cover after mixing has stopped, place the material box at below center position of the the mixing chamber, and push the tight, lock the universal wheels of the material box.

8.Press the “Unload ” button, “unload” indicator light on at the same time.Mixing chamber turn 180 ° automatically stop, “unload ” indicator light is off at the same time, the most material is discharged.

9.Press the “mixing” button,the mixing motor works, clear the residual material clean (need about 10 seconds).

10.Press the “stop ” button, mixing motor stops working.

11.Press the “reset ” button,discharging motor running reversely, the “reset” indicator light bright at the same time, the mixing chamber turn 180 ° and automatically stop, the ” reset ” indicator light off at the same time.

12.Clean the chamber and blades to prepare mixing next time.

Note: (1)In the machine running process in case of emergency, please press the emergency stop button to ensure the personal safety and avoid the damage of equipment.

(2) When input the cement, sand and gravel,it is forbidden to mingle with the nails,iron wire and other metal hard objects, so as not to damage the machine.

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Transportation and installation

(1)Transportation: this machine without lifting device. transportation should use the forklift for loading and unloading.There are turning wheels below the machine , and it can be pushed by hand after landing.(2)Installation: the machine doesn’t need special foundation and anchor bolt, simply place the equipment on the cement platform, screw the two anchor bolts at the bottom of machine to ground support.(3)Ground: in order to fully ensure the safety of electricity, please connect the grounding column behind the machine with the ground wire, and install electric leakage protection device.

maintenance and preservation

(1) the machine should be placed in the environment without strong corrosive medium.(2) After using,clean the interior parts in the mixer tank with clear water.(If don’t use for a long time, can coat rust-proof oil on the mixing chamber and the blades surface)(3) before use,should check whether the fastener is loose, in case loose should tighten timely.(4) When turning on the power supply,should avoid any part of the human body directly or indirectly touch with mixing blades.(5) mixing motor reducer, chain, and each bearing should regularly or timely fill oil, ensure lubrication, oil is 30 # engine oil.

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The following is the right mixingdirection of the shaft rotates(red marks).They should be outward rotate.

Horizontal Portable Concrete Mixer - 副本

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