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JYF-96 series concrete accelerated curingCabinet

Concrete Accelerator Curing Box Cabinet has been designed for accelerated concrete strength curing. It comprises a fully insulated double wall tank with cover, inside all from stainless steel, outside from steel painted sheet with an intermediate layer of insulating mineral wool.

Different acceleration maintenance methods are adopted in the construction of this product. The compressive and flexural strength of the concrete at 7-day and 28-day period is predicted. It is suitable for the testing of scientific research institutions and the quality control of construction engineering, building materials, prefabricated components and other units, and is an indispensable special equipment.Technical Parameters:1. Inner capacity: 150*150*150 test moulds 9 pieces.2. Power supply: 380V3. Heating power: 3x3KW4. Temperature control range: 0-100 ℃ adjustable

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